An award nomination in the bag for AGM!

By: Kelly Bolton   Date: November 15, 2017

Being recognised for doing a good job is something that we all want, and this is particularly true if the award relates to your business. We all want to provide our customers with the very best service possible, and when it is noticed that you are meeting these aims, then all that hard work becomes even more worthwhile.

Here at Aggressive Growth Marketing (AGM) we were incredibly excited to learn that we have made the shortlist for The Drum Network Awards 2017.

Who are they?

The Drum Network is a network dedicated to ensuring that agencies, no matter the industry, have a place to be seen, and a place to promote the services they offer. The Drum Network and members are able to boost their profile and ensure that they are recognised as being an industry leader, rather than trailing behind in the shadow of other agencies.

They offer support and guidance to ensure that your articles and campaigns to market your business are going to be successful. All things that you are going to want to make sure happen for your agency.

What is the award?

As part of The Drum Network awards there are several different categories that all contain a number of nominees. AGM has been nominated as part of the Agency of the Year for Social Media category – something that we are incredibly proud of.

There are a vast number of social media agencies that are part of the network, so to become one of the 6 nominees that form part of this award is more than we hoped for. The winner will be decided by a panel of judges, all of whom are at the top of their game and recognised as knowing what it takes to run a great agency as well as a successful business too.

Commenting on becoming finalists for the Drum Network Award, Kelly Bolton, Director and Founder of AGM said: “There is absolutely nothing more pleasing than being acknowledged on work for our clients and we are delighted to have made the shortlist for this prestigious event. The team and I are looking forward to the ceremony in London’s Mayfair on 28th November – keep your fingers (and toes) crossed for us!”

Keep reading our blog, and follow our tweets (#DrumNetworkAwards) and posts, and we promise that as soon as we know the outcome, we will let you know.  Whatever the result, you can rest assured that here at AGM we will always strive to deliver the very best service possible to every client that we work with.

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