Growth Hacking and The Big Boys

By: Kelly Bolton   Date: August 12, 2015

Something that every business that wants to be successful needs is marketing. Marketing is the beginning and end all of a business. Without proper exposure to the public and without the proper type of exposure it can be really hard to make a business run successfully and actually make profits.

The problem is that marketing can be and generally is very expensive to perform and maintain. After all, marketing can’t just be done for a little while to get some customers and then abandoned; it’s an ongoing process that always needs to be rethought and revamped to keep the public’s attention. So how can marketing be done without spending ludicrous amounts of money you ask. The answer is growth hacking.

Growth hacking is a new way in which businesses are performing marketing and so called growing their fan base so to speak y utilizing non-traditional marketing methods that aren’t nearly as expensive to maintain.

Using growth hacking is when companies use tactics such as viral marketing or when they utilize social media to get the word out there and do their marketing instead of using vast quantities of resources to purchase advertising space on the radio, in newspapers, or on television.

Growth hacking is a great way for startups to get their initial fan or customer base as they often may not have the required resources to fund a full marketing campaign. Some examples of companies that use growth hacking are Facebook and Twitter; they don’t have advertisements on TV or on the radio, they simply use viral internet marketing to get the word out there.

Growth hacking has also been used y other companies such as Hotmail where companies essentially use their own customer or fan base to spread the word and get more customers; it’s really a good way of marketing using word of mouth techniques. Hotmail attached a message to the end of everyone’s emails that lead the recipient back to Hotmail with an offer to sign up for a free email account

Even larger companies today are using growth hacking to get their message across. This often comes in the form of simply having social media accounts that are constantly updated and serve as a news feed to current and potential customers.

Another example of a phenomenal growth hacking technique is the one used by Youtube, where they agreed to let other pages such as social media sites, MySpace for instance, to embed their videos on the site; this of course made YouTube a household name by getting everyone on MySpace to vie and support YouTube videos.

The final example of excellent growth hacking techniques involves Twitter and the follow feature that they added. Twitter had problems retaining users and figured out that people were more likely to stay if they followed more people, therefore they added suggested followers to increase the number of people that a user followed.

In essence, growth hacking is using one’s own existing customer base to exponentially grow a greater and stronger customer base.

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