For businesses, it’s been recommended to build a sales funnel to help you make money from all the marketing you do. Many people, especially those who do internet marketing, don’t do this, or they don’t do it correctly. Have you had trouble with sales funnels not making you money and getting frustrated by it? Or have you thought a sales funnel is too complicated to try or as something that won’t actually work?  If any of these apply to you, it’s time to take another look at sales funnels, because they actually can make you money. Here’s how you can build one.

Sales funnels do just what the name says: they track your sales process all the way from the initial stage, customer interest, all the way down the funnel to the end point, sales. Sales funnels can have a variety of steps, but there are some key ones that every funnel has: Interest, Attract, and Sale (you may find them called different things in different places). These can be broken down into stages:

  • Stage 1, the largest section, is where you reach out to your target market to get their interest (marketing with ads, etc.);
  • Stage 2 is where you narrow your focus down to those who you have attracted and show actual interest (those who have clicked your ad, etc.);
  • Stage 3 is where you will want to focus the majority of your resources after having narrowed down the serious shoppers, so you can do what you can to make them buy with offers, incentives, user-friendly website, etc.;
  • Stage 4 is the final step, where the deal is made as the shopper is at their cart and making the final decision to buy, so they should have no surprises waiting and any questions or concerns dealt with in stage 3 and if you are losing customers at this final stage, you have a major problem to fix.

The sales funnel doesn’t need to be complicated to make you money. Simplicity works best, so if you have that has a lot of steps, go through it and see if there are some you can remove. One key is a to have good communication with your leads, provide them with information about what you are selling, engage with them, answer questions, let the evaluate and decide. Another is to make sure you have enough leads in your Stage 1 section, otherwise, if you don’t have enough people to trickle down through this first part, you waste resources in the other sections. Be sure to have enough resources delegated to the rest of the funnel, as well, to convert those that trickle down.

Also, be sure not to focus solely on the short-term and instant profits, because that’s not where your money is made in a funnel. The real key to making money is in the backend of the funnel, and that will require more long-term thinking. What can you do to sell to current customers? Is there something you can offer as an upsell?

There are two very simple sales funnels for beginners that work fairly well:

Blog/Website → Information product → Thank You Page

Blog/Website → Membership site → Thank You Page

Use one of these options to get started and build up an email list with the profits, and repeat. When the time is right, you can expand the funnel with additional products. Be sure to follow these steps as you do:

1. Create a great landing page

2. Present your front-end offer

3. Give an upsell offer on the backend (such as to upgrade services)

4. Offer a downsize option (if pertinent; this is not a failure but a way to keep customers with budget issues)

5. Keep the momentum it going (follow up with new customers, offer a rewards program, etc.)

Remember, the potential customers (the largest section) are always at the top of the funnel and established customers at the bottom; the levels in between can be arranged as you need them.

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