There’s no denying that having an app for mobile devices is not only a great way to make some money but it’s also a great marketing tool for businesses. But with the millions of apps that are available, it can be hard for an app to stand out from the crowd without some effort being put in to optimize it so that it has a better shot at catching a user’s attention in the app store. One way to do that is to design an icon for your app that will guarantee to catch someone’s eye and pique their interest so they will want to download your app. App icons are not logos, but they have sort of the same function in that they have branding qualities and act as sort of the face for your company or product. How do you design the perfect icon for your app?

1. Scalability

When you are designing your app icon, keep in mind that it will used and seen in several places and at different sizes. This means it needs to be able to maintain its legibility and uniqueness throughout. Keep it simple and don’t try to cram too much into it. Focus on a single design or element that will retain its properties when scaled. Designing on a larger field can be deceiving so be sure to try it out in different sizes and contexts. Also, make sure it looks good against different types of backgrounds.

2. Recognizability

Your app icon needs to be easily recognizable amongst all the other icons on your device or in the app store.  Your icon needs some sort of uniqueness or novelty to make it stand out and be recognizable. Avoid bland and complicated designs. Try out different designs. Maybe line them up and see which design aspects catch your eye the best. Look at your favorite app icons and see what elements they have that make the standout.

3. Consistency

Keep your icon consistent with your app so you don’t confuse the users. If you have more than app using the same concept, keep your icon designs consistent. One way to keep your icon consistent with the app is to have a symbol in the icon that reflects the app’s function. Also, try to keep the color palette between the two similar.

4. Innovative

As said before, a unique and innovative design is sure to catch the eye. Look at what others are doing and try going a different way. Play around with using different colors and different compositions. Challenge your creativity!

5. Borders

Another great tip is to use borders. They are a great way to make your icon stand out against backgrounds.

6. Wordless

Don’t use words. That’s already taken care of in your app name. Remember the saying, “A picture speaks a thousand words.” Find a picture design that will say what you want. But avoid using a photo if you can.

There you have some great tips to design the perfect icon for your app. For more information, you can check out this article, this article, and this article. For some design ideas, you can look at this article.

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