Having an online presence, especially a presence on social media, is important for companies to connect with their customers and potential customers. Yet just having a presence isn’t enough. Your brand has to resonate with the audience so that they will be interested in your brand. This means your brand needs to have an online personality to attract people to you. Online and especially social media is a very social thing, and very like real life in some ways. Imagine you’re going out somewhere to network, meet new people and make new friends. Your personality is a big factor in attracting people to you, right? The same can be said of your brand’s online presence. It needs an attractive personality to bring people to you. So how do you develop your brand’s online personality?

First, what is a brand personality? It is basically just a set of emotional and associative characteristics embodied by a brand name or company. They can shape how a person feels and interacts with a brand, and often the brand’s personality will reflect that of its target audience. In order to develop a brand personality:

1. Research

First things first. Do your research. Know who you are, what you are selling, and who you are trying to sell to. Look into things about your current customer base that you can use, such as: who they are, what they relate to, what visual and cultural messages they are familiar with, what traits and tropes they might share, if there are any in-jokes they might understand that others won’t, and how do they use and relate to your products.

2. Brainstorm

Once you’ve done your research, brainstorm your options as to what voice would work best for you as a way to relate to your target.

3. Create

Decide which of your voice options is best, and create it. Consider creating a brand guide as well, to keep everyone on point and to have a consistent yet unique brand personality. Consistency is key, as a brand with a personality and voice that changes often can be confusing to the public.

4. Visuals

Visuals are a key element to not only attracting people online but also in reflecting your brand’s personality. Various visual elements can mean and reflect different things. For example, warm colours are seen as happy, inviting, and active, while cool colours are calm and relaxed and no colours are seen as bleak or simple. Uppercase type is seen as push and lowercase type is informal and relaxed. It’s important to learn all the different meanings to create the best visuals for your brand personality.

5. Face

One of the main things you can do for your brand’s personality is to give it a face that people will instantly recognise and associate with you. Putting the right person in front of your brand is highly important. It can be something like a mascot, such as Ronald McDonald or Sonic the Hedgehog, or something else less fictional, as long as it helps get the message across. It can be done in a variety ways, such as marketing videos, customer service conversations, shop floor demonstrations, or even a voice for your blog. The person doesn’t always have to be the same as long as the message matches your brand.

Building a brand personality isn’t all that hard. These are just the main points you need to keep in mind. You can learn more about developing a brand personality here, here and here, and you can take this fun yet helpful quiz to also learn how to develop your brand personality.

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