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How To Write A Growth Marketing Plan

By: Kelly Bolton   Date: November 22, 2017

Businesses need to grow in order to succeed and thrive, especially small businesses, and there are many things they can do in order to help their business to grow. One of the key ways is to do marketing. Marketing can take many different forms, from advertising to putting social media to use. Growth marketing is one of these ways. It is different from growth hacking, in that while growth marketing uses digital channels as well, it uses it to push products into marketing channels in order to increase user engagement. Growth hacking simply tries to do marketing in general in unconventional ways.

As with any big undertaking, though, marketing, whether growth marketing or another type, is not something you want to do without putting any thought into it first. You will want to form a strategy, make a growth marketing plan, so you know exactly what you are wanting to do and how to do it. So, how do you write a growth marketing plan?

  • Goal

The first step of developing any plan or strategy is to have a goal. What are you wanting to achieve? In this case, you will want to identify what your growth goal is. What are your current growth needs? What resources will you need (time, money, people)? A clearly defined goal is your key to success. You won’t know how to plan your course of action, track your progress, or know if you’ve arrived if you don’t know where you’re headed. Keep in mind, though, that your goals will most likely change over time, as your customers – and company needs – changes.

  • Brainstorm

Now that you know where you want to go, you need to figure out how to get there. Brainstorm ways you can reach your customers. Don’t think alone; gather your team to get as many ideas as possible. No idea is a bad idea. Think of channels you can use to reach your customers and tactics you can use to appeal to them and engage with them in each channel.

  • Prioritize

Once you have your ideas for tactics, sort through and prioritize them; narrow them down to the top three or so to use. Things to consider when sorting through the tactics: customer acquisition cost within a channel; how many customers the channel can potentially yield & how close would it get you to your goal; is your target customer in the channel; time it will take to execute the tactic; who will be in charge of the tactic.

  • Test

Run some mini-campaigns of your various tactics to test them out and see how whether they will work at all. Keep your channels, goals, and target customers in mind as you test your tactics. Run your tests at the same time to save time. You can take inspiration from what others have done, but be sure your campaigns are unique to your product and target in order to stand out. Remember, these are tests to see if your ideas are viable, not full-fledge campaigns.

  • Narrow

Go through the data you gathered from the test campaigns and see which channels and tactics seem to have worked the best and which didn’t work too well. Focus it down to one channel that did the best, and test it with various tactics to find what works the best. That will be your plan – for the moment.

  • Rinse and repeat

Continue to gather data and test, since platforms and channels will continually change, as will costs. What made a campaign work at one point will eventually change. And your goals will eventually

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