Why Are Businesses Closing Their Offices And Working Remotely?

By: Kelly Bolton   Date: November 13, 2017

You’ve probably noticed a lot of brick-and-mortar stores closing lately, and a lot of “For Lease” signs up. Sadly, that’s the sign of the times. Sure, you can blame the economy and businesses failing for many of the closings, but that’s not the only reason. Many businesses are still in business, but are just closing up shop in the physical sense and going strictly online, working remotely from home. There are many reasons for businesses to decide to close their offices and work remotely.

  • Internet

One big reason for brick-and-mortar businesses to close, whether it be permanently or to go strictly online, is the Internet. More and more people are shopping online, and many businesses are finding it hard to compete with it. A decline in customers and in-store sales have forced many companies to close the doors on their physical stores. Some have gone out of business permanently, while others have managed to maintain an online-only store presence.

  • Overhead

Small businesses, and businesses that are struggling, may find it more fiscally efficient to work remotely to save on their overhead expenses. If work can be done from home instead of in an office, this is a great way to save on expenses, especially if there is only a small number of employees.

  • More Productive

Many businesses find it is just easier to get work done by working remotely. Think about it. You have shorter commutes, a private office, and flexible work hours. What’s not to love about it? Sure, some may say it is harder to measure the number of hours an employee is working when working remotely, but they probably forget that just because an employee goes into an office, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re being productive. A Stanford survey shows that employees who work remotely are 13% more productive. They tend to be happier, too, and have better work-life balance. And happier employees are less likely to quit.

  • Better talent

You hear it over and over: hire the best talent. That can sometimes be hard, if you aren’t open to telecommuting. Consider that for every candidate available in to work for you in your city, there are likely hundreds more all over the world who can do the job better, and for cheaper. And you won’t be able to hire them if you don’t have telecommuting.

  • Easy To Do

For the most part, aside from things requiring human interaction such as training, coordination remote work is easy thanks to the Internet and computers and all the handy tools available to make remote work easier.

These are just some of the reasons that more businesses are switching to working remotely. To learn more about working remotely, you can visit this article, this article, this article, and this article.

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