Most anyone in the business and marketing industries has heard the term “influencer” and know it can be important to helping the business. Having influencers to help as part of marketing and branding can be beneficial, but even more beneficial and important is putting yourself out there as an influencer. You might not think it is, but having yourself seen and know as an influencer really can be more important than you think. How so?

Influencers are important for marketing in a world where fewer and fewer people are watching ads. Ad blockers are becoming popular internet browsing tools and more and more people are watching less TV and streaming more. So having influencers to spread the word about brands and recommend their products online on social media and such is vitally important to businesses.

A good influencer is often seen as a figure of authority, as someone who is knowledgeable about a particular industry or niche. Influencers who help you with your marketing will have an interest in your industry/niche and may write a blog about it. They will have a good social following, and will likely often be found on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn, so it’ll be easy to see how many people will be interested in what they have to say. Good influencers also often share content that is not their own, sharing content from a variety of sources. This shows they will be likely to share your content. They will also have good engagement, communicating frequently with their followers.

So why should placing yourself as an influencer be very important?

As already mentioned, influencers are seen as authoritative about their industry or niche and provide a sense of credibility. Influencers are people that others come to for advice. They have insight and useful information, and can even catch the eye of major brands. In other words, influencers have power.

Influencer marketing is sort of like word-of-mouth advertising on social media. Many people get their shopping recommendations from social media, and much of those recommendations come from influencers they follower. A survey shows that 61% of the respondents follow an influencer because of the content the post. They same survey shows that 51% follow an influencer because they consider them an opinion leader, and 40% because of their relationship with the influencer. The expertise of the influencer and the relationships the influencer has with their followers makes them seem credible and reliable.

Having this power, this expertise and credibility can increase the attention your brand gets. Your followers will recommend you and they will share your posts with their friends. Other people in your industry will notice you and give you a boost, dropping your name here and there, sharing your content, maybe even offering you to do guest spots.

There is great value in becoming an influencer. You can gain power within your industry by being recognized as a knowledgeable authority and you can gain some much-needed attention for your business not only with your followers but also with others in your industry.

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