Aggressive Growth Marketing Our Story – Kelly Bolton

Aggressive Growth Marketing was founded in August of 2013 by marketing strategist, Kelly Bolton, who offered her expert services in a freelancing capacity. Kelly is a marketing whiz that couldn't believe how slow and unresponsive the industry had become. She believes in thinking ahead, which allows for the generation of innovative solutions that are ahead of the pack and produce instant results.

Aggressive Growth Marketing Our Story – Stuart & Kelly Bolton

Clients couldn't believe what she was able to achieve in such a short span of time and as word spread, demand grew. Kelly realized that to keep up with this demand, the company needed to expand, which resulted in Aggressive Growth Marketing (AGM) experiencing what we call "the upward spiral of success".

Aggressive Growth Marketing Our Story – Kelly Bolton

The spiral worked like this – at AGM we boost the growth of our clients' marketing efforts in record time. This results in more clients asking for help. So, Kelly hires another team member to be able to take on more work and produce even better results. These results meant even MORE demand and consequently needing to grow the team yet again. And on and on this went.

Aggressive Growth Marketing Our Story – Kelly and her daughter

In just over three years the team has expanded from a one-woman marketer to a marketing firm with a team of nine talented individuals and big plans for further growth in the coming years.

Aggressive Growth Marketing Our Story – Darren on a road trip with his four-legged friend

Kelly sees the rapid expansion of Aggressive Growth Marketing as an example of what can be accomplished in a short space of time. Through her husband's cancer treatment, Kelly has defined what resiliency and commitment means. She inspires the team to look beyond excuses and focus on producing results that our clients never thought possible.

Aggressive Growth Marketing Our Story – Julia and friends

If you think your company can do more, Kelly and the Aggressive Growth Marketing team is here to listen, to partner with you, and to make a difference.