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We are called Aggressive Growth Marketing for a reason. Our digital marketing agency London team offers digital marketing services that are designed to stimulate clear, measurable results within days.

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Growth is based on an understanding of your market and business, as our reputation as a growth hacking marketing agency testifies. Market research and an audit of your company's capabilities will inform the strategic marketing plan that will deliver the biggest returns in the shortest period of time.


We know how to make brands stand out. We will help you fine-tune your branding order to deeply connect with your customers, which will boost both engagement and sales.


When it comes to marketing online, we are uniquely built to do more in less time. As a leading London social media agency, we use our social and content marketing techniques to get you in front of the right people at the right times. As your audience grows, so will your sales.


Customers that are fully engaged with your brand are more likely to re-engage for sales and tell friends about your company. We have the tools and techniques to build relationships with your customers and get them interacting with your marketing.


Increasing web traffic to your site is only half the equation. With analysis, A/B testing and our marketing expertise, we will help you develop a landing page and sales funnel that significantly increases your conversions. This is one social media marketing agency that delivers on all its promises. Fast.


The digital marketing services we offer demand that we track every performance metric and adjust accordingly, for truly optimized campaigns that deliver short term success and long lasting gains. We provide a clear breakdown of your key performance indicators, as well as those of your competitors.

Our Philosophy

As a digital marketing agency, our success is founded upon a philosophy of forward-thinking. We are not interested in the status quo, what worked yesterday, and what everyone else is doing. We are interested in innovative strategies, staying ahead, and continuous improvement. That is growth hacking marketing agency work at its market-beating best!

We love working with charities, companies, and start-ups that share our passion for out-of-the-box thinking and are producing work that adds value to and makes a difference in people's lives.

Our Advantage

Solutions for You

All businesses are unique. As a digital marketing agency, based in London, it's our job to understand what your company needs, wherever you may be, to reach its full potential and then create a personalized marketing plan to deliver on that potential.

We Aim Higher

Tired of companies that just phone it in? We are passionate about what we do and work tirelessly to produce not just good but great results across all our digital marketing services.

We Produce Immediately

Tired of marketers that take their sweet time with barely noticeable progress? We don't waste time. We'll put your company on the fast track to significant results within days.

Return On Investment

We're not just any London social media agency. We don't want a blank cheque or a leap of faith. We demonstrate real-world results from budgets that work for you.

Reach More Customers

There are many ways to expand your client base and we have the expertise to leverage all of them. From social media to organic traffic and everything in between.

Convert Your Leads

What good is more traffic if you can't convert it into sales? We will help you implement a sales pipeline that improves results and helps you better understand your customers.

Our Story

Aggressive Growth Marketing was founded as a digital marketing services agency in August of 2013 by marketing strategist, Kelly Bolton, who offered her expert services in a freelancing capacity. Kelly is a marketing whiz that couldn't believe how slow and unresponsive the industry had become. She believes in thinking ahead, which allows for the generation of innovative solutions that are ahead of the pack and produce instant results.


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Aggressive Growth Marketing – Kelly Bolton, Director and Founder

10 Small Steps to Big Market Growth

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We provide awesome incredible awesome results to the businesses we work with.

Trusted by hundreds of satisfied clients, Aggressive Growth Marketing is a huge success in one of the world's largest industries.


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Meet the Team

Team Kelly Founder and Director Driven. Enthusiastic. Ambitious. These are the qualities that Kelly used to transform Aggressive Growth Marketing from a part-time start-up into one of the fastest rising digital marketing firms in the UK proud of its growth hacking marketing agency credentials. Clients know that Kelly will fight for them, going the extra mile to deliver truly exceptional results.
Shivankit – Growth Hacker and Social Media Manager for Aggressive Growth Marketing Shivankit Growth Hacker and Social Media Marketing Agency Manager Shivankit not only knows data, he knows how to use it to drive rapid growth. He is a marketing leader with a passion for analytics and a special skillset for mapping out successful strategies that give clients everything that they want and more.
Julia – Account Manager and Writer for Aggressive Growth Marketing Julia Digital Marketing Services Account Manager & Writer After graduating with a bachelor degree in Political Science, Julia realised her passions lay in writing and marketing. If you want your company to get the right tone of voice, and develop a well-respected online reputation and brand, Julia is the lady who can make that happen.
If you have any questions or queries, don't hesitate to drop us a line. We're here to help and always happy to assist in whatever way we can.
Phil – Designer for Aggressive Growth Marketing Phil Designer Phil leads with a big emphasis on supporting brands develop their profile through engaging aesthetics and has worked on numerous projects worldwide. Active in graphic design for over ten years, he has built websites for clients on all continents, except the poles and he loves Italian food too!
Darren – Writer for Aggressive Growth Marketing Darren Writer Darren is a creative and strategic copywriter who likes nothing more than helping a client/brand/product find its most engaging and compelling story. He is able to connect the dots, unlock hidden value, and produce content that connects.
Ricky – Business Development for Aggressive Growth Marketing Ricky Business Development MBA qualified Ricky has over 12 years of experience specialising in digital marketing and technology. He has helped start-ups increase their online revenue 10x using a proven framework for marketing businesses on the web. He has helped tech start-ups raise over $2.5 million dollars on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.
Deborah – Marketing Communications for Aggressive Growth Marketing Deborah Digital Marketing Services Communications Deborah is a results-driven CIM qualified professional, with hands-on experience working with the full range of marketing channels. She has an accomplished track record in developing and implementing B2B and brand marketing strategy on a global scale, often working remotely. Confident in building and developing strategic plans and equally comfortable with delivering tactical initiatives.
Tracy  – Administration Manager at Aggressive Growth Marketing Tracy Administration Manager Tracy is the person behind the scenes that keeps everything ticking along nicely – arranging calls and appointment setting, email handling, and keeping Kelly sane (!) are among her official duties as well as managing our Slack channel, organising feature images, invoicing and managing suppliers. We all recognise the sky would fall in if Tracy didn't perform to the standards that she set for herself and hold us all accountable for the work we deliver.

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If you have any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We’re here to help and always happy to assist in whatever way we can.

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