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Drum Network Awards … and the winner is …

By: Kelly Bolton   Date: December 29, 2017

Each year, we consider whether we believe we have made enough of a difference to our clients’ businesses, to enter a prestigious marketing award.  Earlier this year, we looked back at our achievements and buoyed by client feedback we knew we’d achieved something special.  So, in early Autumn we made our application and just after 5pm on 25th October the news came in … we’d made the shortlist!

I travelled from Lancashire, and our Marketing & Communications Director, Deborah travelled from Aberdeenshire to London to attend The Drum Network Awards on 28th November. We were entered in the ‘Agency of the Year for Social Media’ and were up against JC Social Media, immediate future Ltd, Merkle|Periscopix, Woven, and Cult LDN.  Stiff competition indeed, and in every category, there were companies with global and famous high street customers all vying for recognition for their peers.

The awards night itself took place at the London Marriott Grosvenor Square, and this year was hosted by Executives from Drum as well as comedian Ivo Graham [@IvoGraham] who found time to poke fun at our company name! He made the night memorable from start to finish.  We were rubbing shoulders with senior managers from top agencies across the country, including, London Advertising, Earnest, Connect Group and Croud to name but a few.

Our entry was entitled “A year of growth for our client and our agency”; in just three years, we have grown from a one-woman marketer (me!) to a thriving agency. Our entry majored on how we provide rapid growth for our clients and we take pride in knowing that in the time it takes our competitors to analyse and map out a marketing plan, we’ve already launched our campaign and produced results.  We provided examples of our four best campaigns from the past year – how we …

  • Partnered with Europe’s leading freelance employment platform, and were able to transform their underperforming social media management into an organic strategy that doubled traffic and profit over 12 months.
  • Quadrupled engagement for a Hotel which lead to a huge increase in bookings for dinner and/or B&B via social media
  • Increased customers and social media engagement and shares for a Scottish Drinks Centre and Whisky Cellar, achieved by posting recipes that incorporated the (locally sourced) alcohol sold and ‘behind the scenes’ posts
  • Improved by just over 400%, the engagement rate for a Translation House which lead to more sign-ups for their services.

We watched award after award, cheering on all the other companies on Table 31 –  and finally it was our turn.  The host announced the short-listed companies and showed a showreel that accompanied the entries.  And then it came.  The 2017 winner of the Agency of the Year for Social Media is … Cult LDN!

So, it wasn’t to be this time, but I was delighted that Aggressive Growth Marketing made the shortlist.  And thanks to Ivo Graham, a few more companies know who we are!

Click here to link to the Drum Network Awards site, and here for the gallery.

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